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Startup Funding & Syndication Agreement


This document is the property of CitySide Ventures LLC and is considered to be strictly confidential. It contains information intended only for the person to whom it is transmitted. With the receipt of this document, the recipient acknowledges and agrees that: i) in the event recipient does not require this document further, this document will be returned, at the address listed above as soon as possible; ii) the recipient will not copy, fax, reproduce, divulge, or distribute this confidential document, in whole or in part, without the expressed written consent of CitySide Ventures LLC iii) all of the information herein will be treated as confidential material with no less care than that afforded to your own company confidential material.

This is an agreement of understanding between the applying startup (“Company”) and CitySide Ventures LLC. (“CSV”)

Your Company applied was selected and accepted to present to CSV [G⁵]- Global Angels Network for the purpose of raising venture funding, By accepting the Company hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Upon completion of the Management Review, upon choosing to progress to the Due Diligence stage, you shall receive a notification message to start the Stage-Two of your application. 

  2. Upon completing the Stage-Two, you will be prompted to pay a one time application fee of $180. The fee is designed to support our statewide internship program.

  3. The Company will provide the most up to date pitch deck, offering documents and current financials. In the event that the Company will receive funding from CSV, Birmingham Angels Members, or any other investment entity affiliated with CSV and its [GAN]-  Global Angel Network the Company agrees to pay CSV an administration & coordination fee of $2,600 per round of funding if the company raises a minimum capital of $50K or more.

  4. If the Company elects for CSV to Syndicate the deal with our  [GAN]-  Global Angel Network and the Company receives funding from members of our [GAN]-  in the amount that is greater than $100K, CSV will charge an additional administration & coordination fee of $1,600 post funding.

  5. The administration fee will be billed to the Company upon receiving the funding and clear in the receiving company bank account. The Company will be required to pay the invoice within 7 business days.

It is understood by the Company that all verbal or nonverbal commitments that are made by the CSV, Birmingham Angels Members, or any other investment entity affiliated with CSV and its [G⁵]-  Global Angel Network  for funding are based on the information provided by the Company. In the event that any or part of the information to be found to be inaccurate, misleading or misrepresented, all deals and financial commitments will be immediately void.

  • The Company agrees to honor the commitment for investment by our CSV, Birmingham Angels Members, or any other investment entity affiliated with CSV and its [G⁵]-  Global Angel Network or by SPV created by CSV if completed within 30-days of the Showcase presentation.

  • The Company founders and management team will make themselves available for up to 2 face-to-face and/or videos (call) conferences that will be scheduled in advance of closing.

  • The Company founders and the management team agree to receive and respond to any and all inquiries and communication from CSV in a timely manner within 48-72 hours

  • The Company hereby agrees and permits CSV to post the name of the Company on the BA webpage with name and logo and publish a press release with a portfolio update after funding that will be approved by the Company.

  • The Company is hereby prohibited from disclosing to the public any information pertaining to CSV, Birmingham Angels Members, or any other investment entity affiliated with CSV and its [G⁵]-  Global Angel Network including name and contact information, CSV business operations, and practices without the expressed permission.

By accepting funding from CSV, Birmingham Angels Members, or any other investment entity affiliated with CSV and its [G⁵]-  Global Angel Network by one investor or a group of investors, the company hereby grants permission to CSV to list and promote the company as a CSV portfolio company.


By accepting investment from CSV, Birmingham Angels Members, or any other investment entity affiliated with CSV and its [G⁵]- Global Angel Network, the participating company acknowledges that all investors, whether investing directly, through an SPV, or via the venture fund, appoint CSV as their official legal representative and portfolio manager throughout the entire investment life cycle. This partnership ensures a collaborative and supportive environment for the growth and success of the venture.

By accepting the application T&C the company agrees to the following requirement:  

    • I acknowledge that all our members and syndication investors, whether investing directly or through an SPV, designate CSV as their official representative and portfolio manager for the entire investment lifecycle. They empower CSV to handle all information related to their investment. All communications must include CSV in the CC.

    • The founder(s) have committed to conducting concise Quarterly "Check-Point" calls for updates, lasting 10 to 15 minutes, with our portfolio manager or another CSV representative.

    • A comprehensive quarterly update will be shared on their Sidepitch profile or delivered by email within 10 days following each quarter. (Refer to the template)

    • Complete the CSV Annual Portfolio Audit for the previous year by February 1st.

    • Any significant legal matters or issues that arise should be promptly reported to the Compliance and Legal team. It is crucial to ensure that all communication with investors is transparent and documented by copying it to the Compliance and Legal department for thorough review and record-keeping.

    • In the event of any legal issues arising that might impact the company and possibly the investors, it is of utmost importance to ensure transparency and timely communication. Your company's commitment to promptly providing all relevant documentation to CSV for immediate distribution to the investors can help maintain trust and mitigate any potential concerns that may arise. This proactive approach demonstrates a dedication to open dialogue and accountability, fostering stronger relationships with stakeholders in times of challenge.

    • To ensure confidentiality and protect the privacy of our investors, it is imperative that no identities are disclosed to individuals external to the company without obtaining prior consent from CSV and the investors themselves

    • Please refrain from sharing any CSV agreements, contracts, investment processes, or any information considered confidential without obtaining prior permission from CSV. It is crucial to uphold the confidentiality of such sensitive data to maintain the trust and integrity of our operations.

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